niedziela, 3 kwietnia 2016

Spring challenge!

 I have sooo many ideas, but always not enough time to bring them to life. So this spring I decided to challenge myself. I drew all the mini accessories that came to my mind and ended up with 67 of them :) I will try to make them all till the end of June. Wish me luck and expect a lot of minis soon!

For now, as I lacked time this week, I made two simple pieces :)

love, Aloieu

4 komentarze:

  1. Very ambitious! I love the rulers and the paint.

    Have you read the blog Les Mains Calmes? She has a great iron tutorial....and a million other fun things!

    And if you loose some ambition for some of the paper packages, check out Very high quality and afordable pre printed mini printies. Their McDonalds food Mimi's are amazing!

    1. Thank you very much!!! I havent seen it yet, but now I'm sure I will use some tutorials :) I hope this whole idea wont be overambitious... But we will see :)

  2. A great idea - I think I'll join you in the challenge to make something, every couple of days =0)