niedziela, 3 kwietnia 2016

Flower power

Today I present to you miniatures made by the best artist there is: Mother Nature. Perfectly detailed, high quality, 1:12 flowers.After seeing them I quickly made some (well, about a dozen, not all photographed) flower arrangements, and a quick scene, of course :) Some vases are made by me, but mostly bought, and pink rose I made myself :)

Oh-so-quickly arranged table, so sorry for that :) All the foods and the newspapers are made by me. As you can probably see, I started to make flooring on the mezzanine

 And for last, something I am really proud of: raspberry muffin!Yum! :)

love, Aloieu

Spring challenge!

 I have sooo many ideas, but always not enough time to bring them to life. So this spring I decided to challenge myself. I drew all the mini accessories that came to my mind and ended up with 67 of them :) I will try to make them all till the end of June. Wish me luck and expect a lot of minis soon!

For now, as I lacked time this week, I made two simple pieces :)

love, Aloieu

poniedziałek, 21 marca 2016

Chocolate and orange

One mini a day: day one.
I have abandoned my polimer clay for so long I almost forgot how to get around it. But I think this chocolate bund cake with icing and orange on top came out pretty good!

I arranged a little scene on the go, with slight spring-ish vibes. Cake and apple made by me with polimer clay, book and letters - also mine, rest bought from warious places :)

Love, Aloieu

niedziela, 20 marca 2016

I'm back!

And I have some great news! My dream house is now a bit more than some random pieces of wood. It is finally shaping into something! It will be a tiny house, a bit like an art studio. Right now I am going to wire it, make a kind of mezzanine and a roof :) So welcome to the first house warming party! A bit rough, with no flooring (and holes instead of windows, but shush) and barely any furniture - already is awesome!

Balcony doors are made by me from real glass (but unfortunately they are not openable - maybe someday) and they are missing a knob - maybe some ideas?

So so so excited to get back to working on it, so watch out for future updates :)

love, Aloieu

poniedziałek, 14 września 2015

Yellow is the new black

Today I tried myself in making miniature flowers :) Making those daffodils was such a nice way to calm myself down after a long and stresfull day. They are definitely not perfect and I still have to practice a lot. But hey, those are more or less the fifth ones I have EVER made. Also today a tiny box arrived with the lovely green glass bottle I have ordered :) This is actually the second one as the first one got damaged during the delivery. But the shop quickly send me a new one :) So I couldn't resist making a quick scene. The croissant, bag, painting and the book are made by me, chair is REAC, and the plate and the cup are bought.

niedziela, 13 września 2015

Baby steps...

Right now I am working at the much bigger project (which I hope to finish quite soon) - spiral staircase. I dare to say this is the most complicated miniature thing I have ever attempted to make. Not quite there yet, but I'm moving into a right direction.
Here are the two minis I did in the meantime, just to distract myself. Making a bag was so much fun and I look forward to making some more. And painting the abstract piece of art was a pure joy :) Now, back to work...
love, Aloieu ♡

niedziela, 6 września 2015

Hello mini world!

So, there we are. Hello!

I decided to start this blog because I want to share my progress in making miniatures, but more importantly, to get some feedback and advice from people with more experience in this field than me :) So I'm REALLY looking forward to getting to know all of you.

At the same time it will be a perfect place to gather my inspirations, useful links and tips for making miniatures, and to share my love for everything in miniature. Also, I hope it will prevent me from giving up too soon...
love, Aloieu ♡